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This file contains the source code for the inventory database ( The web application is written in PHP, using the Symfony framework, with a MySQL database back-end. Accompanying the source code is basic documentation describing the various components of the system. The extent of documentation, however, is intended for individuals with experience deploying these types of environments. Please note also that development of this project has ended. Although most bugs have been addressed, there is the possibility that some remain.

What is Open Access to Research Data? Is it free and open access to raw data? Access to data collection tools and instruments? Access to data with tools to organize and analyze? These are the types of questions the Global Impact Study is considering as we develop an open approach to our research on the impacts of public access to information and communication technologies (ICTs). The approach we have adopted includes developing an open-access web application to enable meaningful sharing of the data in our inventory of public access ICT venues.

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